How To Clean Your Aerogarden? – Cleaning is must.


The aero garden is needed to be sanitized thoroughly when there is a plan for new sowing after harvesting an older one. The bowl in which the plants were grown may invariably consist of different kinds of antigen as well as bacteria. These are seen to contaminate the sides and the ground surfaces of these bowls. The cleaning thus becomes imperative before new sows. This type of maintenance is also required when the artificial garden will be put into rest.

The required materials for cleaning

The various things that are needed for cleaning the aerogardens are summed up as under:

#1 Bleaches

BleachesThis gardening area can be cleaned up effectively with the usage of Bleaches or vinegar. Vinegar is more preferably chosen these days as people want to avoid harsh chemicals. Besides, vinegar possesses the natural ability to restrain the effect of bacteria.

#2 Large Container

Large ContainerA container in the shape of the bowl or box is needed. The container would preferably be made of plastic that helps in submerging the plastic pieces of the garden in vinegar or bleach bath. Any container to clean and throw the pieces works.

#3 Use of a soft towel

soft towelThese types of towels are used for wiping down the non-submergible pieces in the bleach of vinegar bath. These towels help in simple wiping out parts of the light hood or touch screen that have no underwater functioning. Use of the towels ensures the owner about getting rid of the antigens or bacteria.

#4 Paper Towels

Paper TowelsThese work in its unique way in cleaning areas around pods as well as other weeds that have grown underneath the decks. The user needs to be additionally careful while cleaning the areas around the exposed roots. These are sensitive things and highly susceptible to tearing.

Steps for cleaning an AeroGarden –

After gathering all the materials required for cleaning, the study of the cleaning manual is mandatory. Before commencement of the process, looking for exposed roots is also compulsory. The entire procedures can be sorted as under:

#1 Disassembling

It is required to ensure that all pieces of the garden have been disassembled. The light hood is needed to disconnect appropriately. The bowl of Aerogarden, as well as the base, has also been separated from each other and these are also required to make prepared for being cleaned. All other important parts would also be removed in sequence.

#2 Bathing with Vinegar

Keeping the light hood and bowl, all the other parts are required to be fully submerged in vinegar. The large bowl is to be filled up with water. The bowl is required to be large enough to submerge the pieces of AEROGARDEN in full. A cup of vinegar is used for soaking the pieces. The whole thing is needed to be agitated with a wooden spoon. The process ensures that even the tiny nooks are being absorbed with vinegar. The entire thing is to be retained for a period of 20 minutes or more.

#3 Sanitization of bowl

While the smaller parts are fully submerged into a vinegar bath, the bowl is filled with water for making the cleansing process effective. The water is supplied through motors. The continuous flow of water may cause generation of bacteria or mold. The stint of water is required to be removed from the process. Addition of warm water or vinegar solution inside the base is made and the pump is turned on. The water solution is required to run for 5 minutes hence and it needs to ensure that the entire solution is emptied down the sink. The bowl is then held under fresh running water order accutane red lemon isotretinoin. It will make the entire bowl rinsed off. This is done before the addition of distilled water that will make commencement for new sowing.

#4 Obliteration

After getting the bowl ready for fresh sowing, the other surfaces are required to wipe down. This is done by using a soft cloth for wash along with a paper towel whose combination help in such a wiping process. Additional protection is required to b adopted while doing with a light hood as the LED lights are too fragile by nature.

#5 Removal of parts from Vinegar bath

After the passage of the 20+ minutes as scheduled for vinegar bathing, smaller parts are removed from the vinegar solution. All the pieces are held under running water so that every stint of vinegar solution is removed. While working with especially delicate parts, use of stopper in the sink is preferred as this might help in preventing these from going down. Pieces are sorted on to separate towel after rubbing with dry pieces of clothes for drying. Complete drying is ensured before reassemble.

#6 Reapportionment of parts

After getting the entire parts sanitized, these are again assembled. These parts are now ready to accept fresh sowing. Prior to reassembling, it is required to ensure that every piece is appropriately dried. The guide for machinery helps in ensuring that parts are equitably snapped back to their respective positions. Electrical parts are also kept away from any aqua element as a proper means of precaution. When the complete reassembling has been put in, the machine is again put into function in the normal way. Any problem thus arises should be effectively tackled with the machine guide.

Video Might save trouble. Here’s one video on how to clean your AeroGarden by Roberto Matthews.

The cleaning of AEROGARDEN is a mandatory process as this will enable the system to run smoothly after each of the processes successfully carried out. This does not require stupendous effort; rather, timely maintenance help in continuing with the relay process of enjoying fresh veggies from the comfort of home.