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Looking up to the best way to grow your favorite plant or flower indoor?

Considering the most convenient and best Aerogarden indoor system? well, you made the right choice. Read our informative article below, which provides you the in-depth info on the types of aerogardens and its uses, with real-time best aerogarden reviews and specs.

The charts, diagrams and comparison tables will help you evaluate your choices and will lead you forward to make your best buy.

If you have plenty of space indoors, and you’re looking for the Aerogarden that gives you the most suitable environment for growth with a user-friendly system that gives you the best results then it is recommended then you should go with Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED.

It’s all about the trees buddy!!! Trust me

In case, you are looking for a smaller version, which is more portable and easy to set up at a considerably cost-effective price, then Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout Plus LED is the best pick for you.

Aerogarden Reviews 2023 – Comparison Table!

Here are the comparison table and Aerogarden reviews.

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To find the most suitable product (aerogarden), you must keep in mind which species or hybrid your precisely looking to grow. However all types of indoor gardening devices provide a variety of options to the end user, there are plenty of substitutes available, but eventually, it subdivides into 2-3 category.

Our team has manually carried out various quality, performance and reliability tests along with examining each product thoroughly, we have come down a range of 5 best Aerogarden picks for 2023. These 5 best picks have been classified, as the top recommendations from different categories, which deliver the best results and efficiency to fulfill to your needs. Do check the list of aerogarden reviews 2023 before judging.

Every aerogarden has different features like fully automated LCD control panels and energy efficient LED grow lights and capabilities like accommodating three, six, nine seed pods and grow light adjustments. The user can choose between various options available in the market like color, design, with or without LCD control, with or without LED Lights.

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You will get seed pod kits with every AeroGarden Purchase. The seeds provided come in soil-free seed pod kits. There are over 150 different types of seed pods kits you can choose from, like herbs, vegetables, flowers, greens, etc. AeroGarden offers you a self-starter kit named the “Grow anything kit.” which you can use to grow your own seeds. each grows anything kit and seed pod kit comes with the soil-less grow media, to put overseed pods, and liquid nutrients to mix with water inside the AeroGarden.

How do you know a good aerogarden from a bad one? You check Aerogarden Review’s list of the top 5 best Aerogarden reviews, of course.

5 Best AeroGarden Reviews – Bounty Models

Below are the models of Best AeroGarden reviewed by AeroGardenReviews.Info Experts. Hope this helps you to find a Best AeroGarden model which fits your budget and expectations.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the AeroGarden Reviews money can buy.

#1. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED – Our Top Pick

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED ReviewThe Ultra LED Aerogarden adds the best value, as it is spacious which allows you to grow plants like salad greens. It effectively takes full advantage of the energy-efficient LEDs, while its user-friendly panel leads you through the complete process.

Technically, it’s the perfect match for the Aerogarden Bounty, yet reasonably priced than its twin (Aerogarden Bounty), which makes it more worthy and of ‘Best Value’. Hence it’s the most preferred choice for consumers; here is a brief about the product.

– Full Spectrum Glow Lights

Right from the existence of Aerogarden, AeroGrow has been persistent on its feature, the Ultra LED lights, which is not only power saving but ensures to provide the most suitable environment for the growing plants.

To interpret this, you will have to look into its technical aspects. Wherein the model consist of 300 grow led lights, in a combination of 3 sets of colors white, blue and red. The white lights increase growth rate, whereas the blue light supports a larger harvest and the red gives vivid flowers. To summarize this combination of LEDs act as the sunlight and resembles the whole process of photosynthesis.

In addition, as it uses smart technology, it switches off at night. With LEDs, it conserves energy and saves power. It makes it virtually free as the product you get rights off the cost. This is approximately $25-$30 a year.

Aerogarden Ultra LED is the winner as it provides an optimal growth environment almost free and that makes all the difference.

– Convenience

The great thing about Aerogarden Ultra LED is that it can be operated with ease and requires no prior experience in gardening.

Ever wondered if you could grow plants indoor at a click of a button! Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED can make it happen for you. It is as easy as using any other home appliance. AeroGarden Ultra LED has an interactive display to guide to all along, it is as simple as inputting what you want to grow and the machine takes care of the rest. It tells you when to add water, nutrients and provides all the information regarding the harvest. It is a boon as it creates no mess to clean up. There is no soil and hence it uses liquid nutrients that are handy.

It is highly recommended to read through the manual to know all the features as you get through the advance hydroponics; you will enjoy hassle-free growth.

– Spacious

What sets apart the Ultra LED, is its ability to provide space to grow 7 different kinds of plants simultaneously, although it best suits to grow 3-4 varieties. The extended dimension (max pole height of 24” and liberal width) allows you to plant most of the varieties. Its huge width can fit in the extreme growth of lettuce too.

Eventually, extra space leads to higher productivity, which is cost-effective and time-saving, and also a perfect choice if you have a large family.

– Cons

Just like other Aerogardens, the constructive quality of the model isn’t great. The quality of plastic used for construction is fragile. Though there wouldn’t need to shift the positioning of the Ultra LED, it is still vulnerable to scratches. On the other hand, the pod kits used are considerably expensive to purchase in the future (7 free kits are provided initially). Lastly, the LED lights have a life-span of 20 months and will need to be replaced.

To conclude, this model is the best pick in terms of technology and if the price is not the key concern. This is the best indoor garden system for 2023.

#2. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7 LED – Best Buy

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden 7 LED ReviewThe second best aerogarden pick for 2023, this is the most innovative product from AeroGrow. We strongly recommend this product for growing herbs, it shares the same technology as the Aerogarden Ultra LED.

– The Control Panel

Unlike the Ultra LED control panel, it does not come with an LCD panel instead simply uses buttons to use each of its function.

It allows you to freely select the type of seed you want to plant (i.e., herbs, salad greens, vegetables or flowers). It similarly includes LED lights which signify the need for water or nutrients to the device, also it lets you set a time period you want the lights to switch on.

Nevertheless, we suggest you read the manual before the initial setup and installation, however 10 minutes due to installation the device works automatically.

– The Size

It is comparatively smaller in size as compared to the Ultra LED, the vertical length is about 12” relative to 24”. The stunted height of the pole allows the herbs to absorb more light (different from lengthy plants that struggle for light). The short and sweet herbs do not take much space which covers up for the size of AeroGarden 7.

Furthermore, as it uses an air-stone to provide nutrient water to the pods, it does work well, but if you prefer using a pump for the same it could boo up the yielding. Aerogarden harvest reviews will help you get the best buy.

– Cons

The setback is when you want to grow plants like Cilantro and Dill which have rapid growth in height in relation with other herbs like Parsley and Basil which a tentatively smaller, as a result, the taller herbs produce more stem to absorb light and hence other herbs fail to receive light. There isn’t a one-time solution to it yet, but you could consider pairing taller herbs together in one plantation and the smaller ones in another one. This method also helps you priorities the herb you want the most and gives plenty of space to grow more. If your choices are similar to the majority of the consumers then you won’t come across this problem, for instance, I personally, love Mint and this is what you will find in my Aerogarden 7 LED the most.

In addition, it is a noisy device when in use, though is not that loud but with wear and tear it tends to increase which is quite normal. To be more specific it sounds very similar to a fish tank’s oxygen pump.

To conclude, keeping in mind the size and the pumping function it works best for herbs to grow, delivering the most optimal environment. It may work out well with other plants too, but it is advisable to use it for the harvest of herbs.

#3. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Bounty – High-end Pick

AeroGarden Bounty with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit ReviewThe Aerogarden Bounty has one of the most high-end hydroponic systems and is massive. It stands number one in terms of size to yield and is highly suitable for growing juicy tomatoes and other veggies. Here are Aerogarden ultra reviews of this Micracle-Gro which will help you buy this High-end Pick.

– Powerful LEDs

The LEDs have the same characteristics and power ratings as the Ultra LED model but are widely dispersed all around the device which enhances performance. This arrangement of LEDs helps the plants to gain more amount of light as they grow. There are combinations of 2 colors, blue and red. Both help in a good harvest, but in particular, RED lights work better in maintaining a greater yield for flowers and fruits. Therefore it is the perfect pick for growing tomatoes.

– An Efficient Pumping Action

The Bounty Aerogarden’s has the most accurate and efficient pumping action. It helps to reach out to every corner of the plantation to provide nutrient water to all of its nine pods present. The ‘Bounty’ is the most productive and has the highest yield of among the pack. Moreover, the fruits are the last to sprout, so the effective pumping action and the LED system enhances the process ensures the tomatoes are rich in nutrient content and extremely juicy. Especially during winters, it’s a task to find good quality tomatoes, and that is when Aerogarden Bounty does its best.

– Convenience

Taking into account its size its dimensions are (15.25×11.25×15.24”) and 24” in height, which is exactly the same as Ultra LED. The extended area improves the growth of tomatoes and many other vegetables, thus letting plants grow much more in size.

The Bounty uses the touch-pad feature to operate the device; however, the process further is automated at the push of a button. The smart technology gives constant reminders to add up nutrients and seeds. The touchscreen feature seems fascinating but does not really add value to the overall product.

– Cons

Bounty does not have any major drawbacks, but there are a few minor issues. To start with its inbuilt features of 9 pods where all nine pods are not used together at once, and if experimented could give disastrous outcomes mainly the plants growing abruptly.

Moving to the next one, as it has a highly efficient yielding technique, which is used to grow salad greens and herbs would turn out to be insane, as you would have an excessive amount of output (which could lead to wastage of resources). This could also increase to load for you as you would have to do pruning more often, but if you have expertise in this field then this product is a gold digger for you.

The overall quality is a bit disappointing for its price, especially the poor quality of the plastic coating.

To sum it up, this is the best Aerogarden machine to go with if efficiency and technology are key factors for you.

#4. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout Plus LED – Second best pick

Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout Plus LED ReviewThis AeroGarden is the best in the small-scale list and the best aerogarden reviews model. It over-powers all its substitutes like Aerogarden 6 or Aerogarden Spout, in terms of performance and efficiency. The full spectrum LEDs enriches yield results. Aerogarden Sprout is the best-buy for those, who have limited space or are just about to start hydroponics and reluctant on shelling out a lot of bucks.

– Space and LEDs

It consists of only three seed pods and with a small area of (5 × 11”). All the pods are accurately placed, besides that, you are not forced to use all three the pods, you can cover the ones you do not wish to use with a cap.

The water nutrient compartment is compact but is fair enough for three pods. But if your aim is to grow flowers or tomatoes then this is the wrong choice, it works best with herbs inclusive in its pack according to our test results. The Sprout LED has a 10-inch pole reach and the amount of light it emits is good ideal growth.

The salad greens would growl well too, but due to its wide-stretch growth, it would require regular pruning or will be damaged and have less exposure to light.

– Convenience

The configuration of this device is pretty familiar, it usually comes is pre-assembled. The key feature that differentiates this model from other Aerogardens is its one rear ‘light button’ that allows you to operate all functions of the device. Next, over to the other end are the LED lights that alert you for when nutrients and water are needed, however, the reminder light needs to be turned off manually by press-holding the button for about 3 seconds. The same method is used to set the timer and visa-versa. That isn’t anything great about its panel features but it gets the needful done.

Also, this model is one from the lot that comes in two color variations, white & black, and hence gives you a wider choice range and pick the one that suits you the best.

– Cons

The major pitfall for this machine is its noise. It tends to aggravate with time and depicts the exact same sound of a fish tank. The LEDs of the device aren’t long-lasting which is major distress, although AeroGrow provides a 1Year warranty but unfortunately after that period replacements would come with a price.

All-inclusive, this is the most decent and affordable package in store for indoor gardening, which perfectly fits into a budget.

#5. Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Extra LED – Budget-Buy

Miracle-Gro Aerogarden Extra LED ReviewThe model is a former edition of the Ultra LED, it is indistinguishable in size and extension of lights. The ultimate difference is the control panel and the development of the LEDs. The control panel is very basic and the extra LED lights to fall back in terms of germination settings in comparison to the Ultra LED.

Moreover, this a much adaptable AeroGarden, as it goes along well with all kinds of seed pods (Particularly with flowers and salad greens).

– Cons

The key issue is its price. On researching it proved to be more costly than the Ultra LED, that makes it totally unfavorable. The Ultra LED adds more value with regards to growth and efficiency.

Meanwhile, if you are planning to buy Extra LED, we still advise you to reconsider and go on with the Ultra LED.

How do we Rate and select the best AeroGardens?

You must be wondering how we curated this list of AeroGarden review?  we would like to share our research and writing part with you. We took time to research and carried it on few points which are mentioned below.

1. Customer reviews:

Customer reviews are an essential part of any product. Aerogarden Reviews from genuine customers help the company to get feedback and get to know what features to be added or what improvements are needed in that particular product. for this research, we went through various online shopping sites and also conducted few in-person reviews to get their opinions on these products. according to the conclusion of this research, we arranged the AeroGardens in proper order.

2. Design and portability :

Design and portability of this AeroGardens were also given the priority while writing this AeroGarden review article. there are some manufacturers who focus on performance while some focus on looks and technology.

3. Forum Research :

Forums are the best way to get information about any product. People from all across the globe share their knowledge and seek help on various topics. We joined some forums and researched carefully for an individual product like what people are saying, what experience they are sharing about this products, what pros and cons they are mentioning etc. and we shortlisted few of them and chose best products recommended by people on forums.

A Comprehensive Buying Guide for Aerogarden

aerogarden comparison of best models

The geoponic systems play a crucial role in closing the gap between a hardcore gardening maniac and your average joe, going about with his day to day chores. Simultaneously it has also brought about new life into the indoor gardens market sector. With their factitious new technology AeroGardens, Aerogrow has come up with a simpler and much more feasible solution to grow different plants breaking a sweat.

A minor flaw in this technology is that there are quite a few similarities between the various Aerogarden models, this creates a bit of confusion for the buyers in selecting which product works best for them. But no worries we got your back! We have brought this confusion down to one primary factor. “What is it that you wish to grow the most in aerogarden bounty models”?

OK, alright we get it, this may sound a bit imprudent as there are numerous possibilities to grow with Aerogarden. We get that but based on facts of the population prefer to grow a couple of variety of plans or even just one. So finally, the million-dollar question, what are these plant types? Yes, you guessed it absolutely right, they are Fruits, Herbs and Green leafy vegetables. Our recommendations are chosen as per your preferences this eases the strain you go through while choosing the right Aerogarden type which suits you.

Advantages of Aerogarden

As you have read AeroGardens comes in a different variant while some has LED lights and LCD screens while some are 6,7,8,9 seed pots there are different aerogarden out there out different needs and you should always look for what suits you the best.

Aerogardens works on water which means no soil is needed in the pots to grow your garden. also if you are looking to grow vegetables, flowers or herbs indoor then this is the best option you can opt-in for. here we are listing some of the points for you to get an idea of why you should get AeroGardens for your home.

#1 Amazingly Simple :

AeroGardens comes with a pre-structured design and you can easily setup them without any technical knowledge required or without any tools.all you have to do is to just insert the pre-seeded pods in your garden, add patient nutrients and water and start growing your plant. the average plant takes 7-14 days to start growing and 4-6 weeks for harvesting.

#2 Grow in water, not soil…

All the plants planted in Aerogarden are grown in water and air, no soil is required and no mess is being created. The Aerogarden uses advanced hydroponics to create an environment for the rapid and natural growth of the plants. The Aerogarden provides the root of the plant with an abundant balance of oxygen, water, and nutrients to enable plants to grow 5X faster than when they are grown in soil.

#3 Advanced Led Lighting System

The LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting the system is tuned to the specific configuration that allows the plants to maximize photosynthesis and thus results in the rapid growth of the plants. The AeroGarden system uses the special properties of LEDs to deliver more growth using less power consumption. the AeroGarden comes with a 45-watt LED lighting system that creates a daylight environment for plants to grow faster with the balanced setup of ideal lighting and optimally balanced levels of water and nutrients, Plants are grown up to 5 times faster than when they grow in soil. This LED light system costs just a penny a day and is affordable both in pricing and for the cost of electricity.

#4 As Fresh As It Gets

Nothing is fresh than homegrown herbs, salad greens, and fresh vegetables. in various tests conducted, lettuce grown in AeroGarden contains almost more vitamin C than the lettuce bought from a local store. Because of AeroGarden, you can enjoy fresh vegetables, herbs, and other nutrients rich lettuce in your own garden.

#5 Grow Anything

The AeroGarden Bounty has 150 different types of pre-seeded seed pod kits that are guaranteed to grow. This pods are soil-free pods and require little maintenance. These pods are specially designed to maintain moisture levels for fast and reliable root development. While buying this pods you can choose from the variety of 150 different types of pre-seeded seed pods. This AeroGarden comes with long-term durability and they can grow plants for you year after year.

#6 Friendly Reminders

The AeroGarden Bounty’s touchscreen display which acts as a control panel does everything for you. It is easy-to-use and automatically turns the LEDs on and off, and reminds you when to add water and other components like nutrients to create the perfect and natural growing environment for the plants. You also get an option to customize the settings according to your comfort and preferences.

Final Thoughts on Aerogarden 2023

We come to the conclusion that if you’re looking for a product which doesn’t require a lot of space and doesn’t cost a fortune then the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Sprout Plus LED is our best bet.

Whereas, if you’re a serious gardening enthusiast and are in search of a high-end Aerogarden product which can be accommodated easily at your home the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED is our top pick to satisfy this criterion. It’s quick, easy to operate and provides the perfect environment for plants. If you’re looking for a high-end aerogarden and have ample space at home then the Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Ultra LED is exactly what you need. It’s easy to use, quick and provides the perfect environment for the plants.

Hope this Aerogarden Reviews buying guide will help you choose the best one for you. Feel free to ask questions in the comment section.


Q – What grows best in an AeroGarden?

Currently, we are growing Peppers, Onions, Fresh Basil, Tomatoes, Radishes, Lettuce, and Parsley. My suggestions are to start growing peppers in your aerogarden as it’s the best I can suggest.

We have written a blog post regarding what herbs you can grow in an aero garden. You can find it here.

Q – Can you grow fruit in AeroGarden?

Definitely, you can grow fruit in an AeroGarden. We’re currently working on AeroGardens that will grow lime.

Q – How long does it take to grow herbs in AeroGarden?

Generally, it takes up to 4 months depending on what you are growing in your Aerogarden.

Q – Does AeroGarden attract bugs?

Yes, in some cases bugs do attract plants growing in AeroGarden mostly hitchhikers.

Q – How long do AeroGarden pods last?

According to our research on the internet and some reviews from our clients, 6 months is the period.

Q – Can you use your own seeds in AeroGarden?

Yes, you can plant your own seeds and grow anything throughout the year.